Developing Haitian Leaders


After hurricane Matthew (a Category 4 storm) struck the southwestern area of Haiti on October 4th, 2016, many of the children living in the area were left very traumatized.

This hits us close to home as the US is working together to help those suffering from the devastation Hurricane Harvey has caused in Texas along with the destruction Hurricane Irma and now Maria has added to Florida, the Southeast, and US territories in the Caribbean.

The Haitian consortium was very concerned regarding the well being of the children suffering from the aftermath of the hurricane. In order to address this situation, special training was developed and conducted in Haiti to incorporate helping children deal with trauma and aid in their recovery. A participant from this special KIDStory training said, “It has been extremely positive and great blessings for many of us. It was very inspiring and gave me excitement to actively engage by Bringing God’s Stories to the heads, hearts and hands of kids around the world .”

Also, as a result, today several KIDStory clubs meet with children on a regular basis. One boy that attended a KIDStory Storyclub in Camp Perin remarked, “Now I know that when God is in the middle of everything, I need to be peaceful and give Him all my sorrow cause He always cares about my situation, what’s a blessing to know that!”